The Trust is a Perpetual Charitable Trust established in 1984 at the instigation of Mr. Ronald Clifford Andrews.

Aged Care/Health

For residential aged care, the Trust provides limited support for building works, capital fundraising and equipment. Grants are also made to hospitals for the purchase of necessary equipment. The usual limit for such a Grant is $20,000.00.

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The Trust will accept Applications from kindergartens, schools (primary and secondary) for projects of building or equipment and innovative programs that will assist students.

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Emergency Relief and Material Aid

The Trust supports a number of organisations which provide emergency relief and material aid. These organisations usually work in local communities within the Gippsland region. The usual limit for such a Grant is $10,000.00.

Environmental Needs and Problems

The Trust supports selective projects for assisting in dealing with environmental needs and problems. These needs include rehabilitation of land and monitoring of land at risk. The usual limit for such a Grant is $10,000.00.

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Income and its Distribution as Grants
The Trust distributes its income to applicants for Grants for various purposes all of which must be Charitable.
Distributions are made by the Trustees three times each year usually in the months of March, June and November.
The procedure to apply for a Grant is to complete the “Application” form (download PDF or download Word format) and forward to the addresses set out above. A copy of the Application form is available for posting to you upon request.
The Grant distributions are determined by the Trustees in their absolute discretion. No reasons are given as to why a Grant Application was either successful or unsuccessful.


Applications now been accepted Victoria

The Trust places certain conditions on the making of its Grants. These conditions are standard conditions. In special circumstances additional conditions may be included. No GST is to be paid on the Grant. The standard conditions are as follows: The Grantee must use the whole of the Grant exclusively for the project as described in the Application and not for any other purposes. The Grantee will use its best endeavor to complete the project within twelve months from the date of approval of the Grant. The Grantee will promptly advise the Foundation of any material change which may affect the Grantee’s ability to undertake or complete the project within the twelve month period. The Grantee will expend the Grant only within Australia and where specified within the particular state or territory. The Grantee will show the Grant separately in it’s books of account and keep records adequate to enable the use of Grant funds to be checked readily. The Grantee will give the Foundation a final report of the end of the twelve month period, within two months of completion of the project



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