Establishment The Trust is a Perpetual Charitable Trust established in 1984 at the instigation of Mr. Ronald Clifford Andrews. Mr. Andrews was a successful quarry operator and businessman in the Gippsland area. He died in 2003. During his lifetime he sought to share the benefits of his wealth with the community through the establishment of the Foundation. Administration The Trust is administered by six Trustees. The management of the Trust is undertaken by the Chairman and his office staff.

Assets The assets of the Trust are invested in order to generate income for distribution to applicants for Grants.


Grants are made to organisations in Victoria and the Trust gives priority to: Projects which are designed to enhance the educational and social needs of young people; designed to develop, test and implement creative solutions to persistent, difficult social and environmental needs and problems; requests for small Grants to enable smaller community organisations to begin or continue to make a positive difference in their communities; and Grants from applicants with a major number of volunteers from the community the applicant seeks to benefit.

Aged Care/Health For residential aged care, the Trust provides limited support for building works, capital fundraising and equipment. Grants are also made to hospitals for the purchase of necessary equipment. The usual limit for such a Grant is $20,000.00.

Emergency Relief and Material Aid The Trust supports a number of organisations which provide emergency relief and material aid. These organisations usually work in local communities within the Gippsland region. The usual limit for such a Grant is $10,000.00.

Environmental Needs and Problems The Trust supports selective projects for assisting in dealing with environmental needs and problems. These needs include rehabilitation of land and monitoring of land at risk. The usual limit for such a Grant is $10,000.00.

Small Grants for Smaller Community Organisations These Grants are aimed to help community organisations that are locally based to either get started or enhance an existing project. The Trust will look to significant contributions from volunteers and other community organisations when making a Grant. The usual limit for such a Grant is $5,000.00.

Social Disadvantage, Needs and Problems The Trust sees the need to assist organisations that work in the area of social disadvantage, needs and problems in order to help individuals and groups to find sustainable solutions to their issues. The Trust favours the targeting of such issues by locally based organisations. However, the Trust will not make Grants to pay for salaries. The usual limit for such a Grant is $10,000.00.

Education The Trust will accept Applications from kindergartens, schools (primary and secondary) for projects of building or equipment and innovative programs that will assist students. These programs must be locally based and be designed to benefit a substantial number of students. Applications may also be made by universities and TAFE colleges for Grants for the purposes stated above. The usual limit for such a Grant is $20,000.00. Grant Conditions