Hints for Applicants

Preparing submissions can be hard work so before you write anything carefully consider the purposes and the priorities of the Andrews Foundation to see how well your project fits.

Using the subheadings contained in the Application Form write factually and simply and keep in mind that the reader may have little or no detailed knowledge of your organisation or its activities. Attachments may be made to each section of the Application but remember that it need not be a lengthy document as long as it contains all the information requested.

If you have difficulty highlighting the financial information requested in the Application, ask your organisation’s accountant or treasurer. In addition, you should provide with your submission a copy of a complete set, including notes, of your organisation’s annual audited financial statement.

Before sending your Application make sure you have included the name of the contact person for the Application and their contact details and all the information and documentation requested. This will ensure that your Application can be given the consideration it deserves.