Granting Policies

The Trust prefers to make Grants to communities of people who are helping themselves and others in ways that can be sustained into the future:

Projects which involve volunteers and where there are expectations and plans for the positive impact of the project to be sustained beyond the Grant period are preferred by the Trust.

The Trust is willing to join with other donors and sponsors to support projects.

The Trust gives priority to:

Projects which are designed to create and improve educational opportunities and training for students who are disadvantaged or with disabilities; develop, test and implement creative solutions to persistent, difficult social and environmental needs and problems – innovation is welcomed; requests for small Grants to enable smaller community organisations to begin or continue to make a positive difference in their communities; and requests for Grants from organisations that have a major involvement from volunteers in the community.

The Trust gives preference to Grants that benefit communities within the Gippsland region. The reason for this is the wish of Mr. Andrews to give back to the regional community where he grew up and made his wealth.

Applications to Support the Following Types of Activities are LESS LIKELY to be Successful:

  • Major building works and capital fundraising;
  • Conferences;
  • General fundraising appeals;
  • Personal benefit of individuals;
  • Projects deemed to be the responsibility of Governments and their Agencies;
  • Projects that require long term recurring support;
  • Pure medical and scientific research;
  • Social surveys and general information – gathering;
  • Travel expenses.

No consideration will be given to Applications made by individuals.